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God, this letter nauseates me. It is so revealing of the man's values, and seemingly transparent of his motivation to cover his own a**. Bowing to the holy alter of work as homage to a friend. Being unspeakably sad but well able to frame the tension in the relationship and in the office as none of his responsibility (aside from his not paying attention to his prescient view that things would inevitably turn out this way. Whatever in the world could I have done? Whatever role might I possibly play?) Introspection? Humility? Decency? Give me kindness, civility, and insight over hubris and abuse any day---with or without literary chops. I, for one, have seen kind, civil, and insightful managers who also have literary chops.

"Subsequently, Morrissey's sister Maria has said the suicide note did not blame Genoways, but if that's the case, why did Genoways say in his email that the family told him it did cite him?"

Because someone in the family told him (erroneously?) that the suicide note DID cite him seems like the most obvious answer here . . .

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