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I am very disappointed that in the seven years since I have left the CUNY system, nothing has improved. In those days, Ms. Bowen, you pointed to adjuncts as insufficiently involved in union affairs. At the minimum, I would suggest that adjuncts be paid 7K per course as was recommended at the MLA convention earlier this year. Thank you. Anna Spiro, retired CUNY adjunct

Very nicely worded, Sean, though I wish such displays of eloquence were not necessary.
Please add my name to the list of co-signers. I will do what I can in my small corner of the world ... even if that means doing my part to resist hubris/complacency while earning a living the only way I know how.
Derrick Gentry
(a recent Ph.D. graduate from the English program)

Please add my list to the name of co-signers:
Makeba Lavan, CUNY Graduate Center


Furthermore, to enable the participation of CUNY adjuncts and graduate student workers in this summer's COCAL conference, which is being organized by the PSC and taking place at CUNY's John Jay College, I ask that the union cover the $250 registration fee for 30 adjuncts and graduate student workers at CUNY."

I guess I am perplexed as to how ANY contingent faculty could afford to attend COCAL conferences with such high registration fees. That's outrageous.

Please add me to the list of co-signers.

Isabel Cuervo, recent graduate of The CUNY Graduate Center

Well done!
Alan Trevithick, La Guardia Community College

Please add my name to your letter, Sean. Very well put.

Ann Kottner
Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of English, York College

Please add:
Frank Reiser, Nassau Community College


I would also like to add for graduate student workers, or adjuncts who have disabilities, like myself, there are extra pressures which rarely are acknowledged or appreciated.

Please add my name to the list of co-signers in support.

Lauren Tenney,PhD, MPhil, MPA, Alumna, Graduate Center CUNY, Adjunct Assistant Professor, College of Staten Island, CUNY


Please add me to the list, Sean

Edwin Mayorga, Graduate Center, CUNY

Please add me to the list of co-signers.

Sue Clark-Wittenberg, Director, International Campaign to Ban Electroshock:

Thanks Sean! please add me as well: Wilson Sherwin CUNY Graduate Center // Graduate Teaching Fellow, Brooklyn College Sociology Department

Sean, Please add me to the list of supporters. Nice work!

James D Hoff, BMCC

As an adjunct I'm quite tired of being an afterthought. Please add my name to the list of supporters.

Jason Schulman, Lehman College, CUNY

Kylah Torre
Graduate Center, GTF

I am a CUNY graduate (CCNY '58) and I totally support the fair treatment of Adjunct Faculty who are critically important to the mission of CUNY.

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